• Maintenance and Assembly

    Electronics Aerospace Srl is a company that operates in the following civil and military sectors:

    1. Overhaul, repair, inspection and testing of aircraft apparatus (hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical);

    2. Design, construction and maintenance of test systems and equipment for aircraft and ground equipment for flight lines;

    3. Engineering, assembly and testing (electrical continuity, AC/DC isolation and dielectric strength) of aeronautical wirings.

    The activity is divided into several production areas:

    1. Repair-Overhaul Areafor avionic, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical accessories, electric machines.

    2. Testing Area for avionic, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electric machines.

    3. Manufacturing Area of avionic, electrical, electromechanical, mechanical, electronic systems.

      Overhaul, repair and testing of:

    • Instruments for controlling electric machines (motors, generators, et al.)
    • Instruments for controlling the fuel system
    • Instruments for controlling the pressurization and conditioning plants
    • Hydraulic and lubrication systems
    • Accessories for the control and management of the hydraulic system
    • Lubrication accessories for mechanical parts
    • Accessories for the control and management of the pressurization plant
    • Accessories for the control and management of the conditioning system
    • Accessories for controlling and managing the forced ventilation system
    • Electric generating equipment (alternators, generators, inverters)
    • Equipment for driving generating systems (motors)
    • Mechanical parts of the breaking system
    • Mechanical transmission and support organs (boxes, jacks)
      Production processes:

    • Cable marking with UV laser (SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES, LASELEC)
    • Cable marking with thermal system
    • Label marking with thermal printer system (TYCO, ZEBRA)
    • Harness manufacturing made on internal and/or customer specification
    • Continuity and isolation testing by automated systems (DIT-MCO)
    • Assembly of electromechanical electrical equipment
    • Design and assembly of test equipment (test-set)
    • Electrical and electromechanical cabinets setup
    • Cabling sampling operations on off-site equipment
    • Installation and testing of wiring on in site and off-site equipment
  • Design and Engineering

    Within its competence and given the complexity and the particularity of the performed activities, Electronics Aerospace S.r.l. employs its technical staff to design and realize dedicated systems, test sets and test stands.

    Because of the gained skills and experience, Electronics Aerospace S.r.l. can also operate on request to provide specialized services (also off-site) and perform or follow projects of various complexity.

    This aspect combined with the production capability gives Electronics Aerospace S.r.l. the possibility to fully realize any customer requests, freeing the latter from further commitments.

81100 CASERTA (CE)

tel:   0039 0823 422081
fax:  0039 0823 452496

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